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  - Resolution for the Extraordinary Call for SEProt fellowships (9th European Summer School "Advanced Proteomic" course) (March/April 2015) [pdf] [Publication date: 22-Apr-2015]
  - IX EuPA Annual Congress - Proteomics: Back to the Future. Milano, June 23rd - 28th, 2015. [Pdf] [Publication date: 13-Apr-2015]
  - 9th European Summer School ADVANCED PROTEOMICS. Kloster Neustift. August 2-8, 2015. Brixen/Bressanone, South Tyrol, Italy. [Announcement] [Poster] [Publication date: 26-Mar-2015]
  - Call for SEProt Board of Directors elections [pdf] [Publication date: 9-Mar-2015]
  - Research position in Bioinformatics available at Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC), Madrid (Spain) [pdf] [Publication date: 4-Feb-2015]
  - Research position in Metabolomics/Proteomics available at Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC), Madrid (Spain) [pdf] [Publication date: 4-Feb-2015]
  - Extraordinary Call for SEProt fellowships(9th European Summer School "Advanced Proteomic" course) (March/April 2015) [pdf] [Publication date: 29-Jan-2015]
[Juan Pablo Albar, in memoriam]
by Fernando Corrales
[Recuerdos personales]
by Fernando Vivanco
[Proteomics Manual]
by the Spanish Proteomics Society
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  - Job offer in Proteomics at the IRB Barcelona [pdf] [Publication date: 19-Ene-2015]
  - Resolution for the December 2014 call for SEProt followships, [pdf] [Publication date: 17-Dec-2014]
  - Job offer for laboratory technician with proven expertise in mass spectrometry. FibroStatin. Valencia. Spain. [pdf] [Publication date: 20-Nov-2014]
  - Resolution for the July 2014 call for SEProt followships, [pdf] [Publication date: 16-Jul-2014]
  - Postdoctoral or post-resident position available at the Dr. Antonio Martínez Ruiz research group in the Hospital de la Princesa (Madrid) for working on "Clinical applications of redox Proteomics" research line. [More information] [Publication date: 10-Jun-2014]
  - Senior Scientist / Proteomics Specialist position in IGEN BIOLAB [More information] [Publication date: 03-Jun-2014]
  - The Instituto de Ecología, A.C. (INECOL), an institution funded by the Mexican government, invites applications for 2 researcher positions in the fields of computational chemistry, plant proteomics and 3 technical positions in the fields of proteomics, transmission electron microscopy and bio-rational management of pests and vectors. [More information] [Publication date: 16-May-2014]
  - Resolution for the Extraordinary 2014 call for SEProt followships, [pdf] [Publication date: 24-Apr-2014]
  Advanced Proteomics course for molecular biologists and clinicians. CRG, Barcelona. From 7th to 11th July, 2014. [More information] [Publication date: 21-Apr-2014]
  13th Human Proteome Organization World Congress - Madrid 2014
  - 8th European summer school (EuPA) - Advanced Proteomics. 3-9 August 2014. Kloster Neustift Brixen/Bressanone, Italy [More information] [Publication date: 28-Feb-2014]
  - Bioinformatics position giving professional support to the researchers of the Navarrabiomed and the Health Department of the Navarra Government. Pamplona, Navarra. [More information] [Publication date: 29-Jan-2014]
  - Resolution for the December 2013 call for SEProt followships, [pdf] [Publication date: 16-Dec-2013]
  - Laboratory technician position for the Proteomics and Oncohematology Unit. Navarrabiomed. Fundación Miguel Servet. Pamplona. Navarra. [More information] [Publication date: 14-Oct-2013]
  - Proteómica volume 9 (February 2013) is now available!! [Publication date: 5 Feb 2013] Proteómica Vol8 Feb12
  - IV Quantitative Proteomics Course, October 7th-11th 2013, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia - CSIC - Madrid [Web page] [Publication date: 20-Ago-2013]
  - Resolution for the July 2013 call for SEProt followships, [pdf] [Publication date: 16-Jul-2013]
  - Postdoctoral o post-intern position for the group of Dr. Antonio Martínez Ruiz in the Hospital Universitario de la Princesa (Madrid). Deadlines: 1 de Julio 2013 (postdoctoral) y 15 de Julio (post-intern). [More information] [Publication date: 19-Jun-2013]

- Postdoctoral researcher in 'Mass Spectrometry-based Functional Proteomics' at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Odense. [More information] [Publication date: 14-Jun-2013]


- 3 pre-doctoral positions available for bioinformatics, one of them applied to proteomics at Cardiovascular Proteomics laboratory of Jesús Vázquez, at the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC), Madrid, Spain, for the following projects:

  • Deciphering the transcriptional network of the distinct heart cell types after myocardial infarction.
  • Analysis and regulation of alternative splicing in the pig infarcted myocardium.
  • Development of novel bioinformatics algorithms for the analysis, quantification and systems biology interpretation of proteomics and metabolomics data in the context of cardiovascular diseases

[More information] [Publication date: 21-May-2013]


- Pre-doctoral position in proteomics at the Cardiovascular Proteomics laboratory, at the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC), Madrid, for the project:

  • Analysis of the deep redox proteome and the metabolome of the ischemic heart."

[More information] [Publication date: 21-May-2013]

  - Post-doctoral position in proteomics, neurodegeneration and protease research. Munich, Germany. [More information] [Publication date: 29-Apr-2013]
  - Resolution of extraordinary call for SEProt fellowships [pdf] [Publication date: 23-Apr-2013]
  - Post-doctoral vacancy in the field of food proteomics, Joint Research Centre, Geel, Belgium. Deadline for applications: April, 8th 2013. [More information] [Publication date: 2-Apr-2013]
  - 7th EuPA congress. From 14 to 17 October 2013. Saint Malo, France. [Congress page] [Publication date: 26-Mar-2013]

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