DNA replication, cell division and chromatin

Group leader: Crisanto Gutierrez Armenta,
Postdoctoral Fellows: Irene Aragüez Rey, Elena Caro Bernat, Joana De Brito Lourenço Sequeira Mendes, Benedicte Desvoyes, María Fernandez Marcos,
Graduate Students: Sofia Otero Perez, Zaida Vergara Pradillo,
Technical Assistance: Mª Victoria Mora-Gil Cobo,

Research Summary

DNA replication, cell division and chromatin
Development of multicellular organisms depnds on a strict balance between cell proliferation and differentiation, where highly regulated gene expression patterns are established. Contrary to animals, plant development is a postembryonic process that frequently relies on endoreplication cycles. In addition, various differentiated cell types retain the capacity to dedifferentiate, proliferate again and take a variety of morphogenetic patterns. We are interested in understanding how such balance is established during development by studying cell division and DNA replication control, as well as the implications of chromatin dynamics. To that end, we use the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana that allows the use of molecular, cellular, genetic and genomic approaches.

We have generated a genome-wide map of DNA replication origins of Arabidopsis cultured cells and analyzed their features and the function of pre-RC components. We have also demonstrated a role of ORC1 as a transcriptional activator through a PHD motif that is not present in ORC1 of yeast or human origin and mediates interaction of ORC1 with H3K4me3. We are currently studying the contribution of this interaction to origin function. Based on our previous results on the effect of the histone chaperone CAF-1 in controlling endoreplication, we are extending these studies to other histone chaperones and H3 dynamics. The coordination between cell division and endoreplication and cell fate acquisition depends on the plant retinoblastoma-related (RBR) protein. We continue our studies of its function, both E2F-dependent and independent, in the expression of genes required for cell cycle exit.

Our long-term interest is to understand the crosstalk of cell division, chromatin and differentiation during Arabidopsis development with a special focus in understanding initiation of DNA replication, its regulation in a whole organism and the implications of the novel cellular factors that we are identifying.



Figure 1.
Model of transcriptional activation by Arabidopsis ORC1, adapted from Sanchez and Gutierrez (2009; PNAS 106, 2065-2070).

Figure 2.
Genome-wide maps of Arabidopsis DNA replication origins (light blue), ORC1 (red) and CDC6 (yelow) binding sites and ORFs (green), adapted from Costas et al., (2011, Nature Struc. Mol. Biol.).



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   Premio de Investigación en Biología Molecular de la Fundación Carmen y Severo Ochoa (2008).                 

Doctoral Theses

Elena Caro Bernat (2008) Functional network of GEM, a novel regulator of Arabidopsis root development. Mención Europea.

Pablo Castillejo Pons (2008) Dinámica de ORC6 durante el ciclo celular en Arabidopsis thaliana.

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